Chocolate Donna Elvira bean to bar Madagascar 70%

The chocolate from Modica in Sicily, Italy, is a special type of chocolate that is coarsely ground in stone mills. So the cocoa beans are not processed in classic conches as it happens normally. The stone mills do not grind the chocolate beans finely, and this gives this chocolate a special mealy texture.

The chocolate from Modica can be eaten as it is, or used to make drinking chocolate.

This bar from Donna Elvira, a well known chocolatier from Sicily in Italy, is made following the traditional recipe from Modica, with high quality organic cocoa beans from Madagascar and organic cane sugar.

This chocolate offers a peculiar experience when melting in the mouth, with its special coarsely ground texture and a lot of sweetness and acidic, fruity aromatic notes.

This chocolate won the European Gold at International Chocolate Awards in 2015.

If you’d like to learn how to taste chocolate and uncover all its flavors, explore the Chocolate and Cacao Flavor Profile Map from the international institute of chocolate and cacao tasting.

High quality dark chocolate with percentage of cacao of 70% or more can certainly be part of healthy eating habits.

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