Chocolate Friis Holm Chuno 70% Triple-Turned from Nicaragua

This chocolate is made from the Heriloom Criollo variety found on isolated farms in Northern Nicaragua at 300-800 m altitude. The beans have been turned an extra time (so three times in total) during the 5-day fermentation. This gives a very smooth and gentle taste to this chocolate with a nice touch of acidity.

The taste is simple with a balanced acidity and notes of black olives and lemon peel. This chocolate won the European Silver at International Chocolate Awards in 2014.

Friis-Holm is a Danish high-quality bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer founded by Mikkel Friis-Holm Ottosen and operating out of Herslev village in Lejre Municipality, Denmark.

If you’d like to learn how to taste chocolate and uncover all its flavors, explore the Chocolate and Cacao Flavor Profile Map from the international institute of chocolate and cacao tasting.

High quality dark chocolate with percentage of cacao of 70% or more can certainly be part of healthy eating habits.

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