Easy healthy breakfast: toasted whole grain toast bread, peanut butter and jam

A very easy, quick, delicious and healthy breakfast option: toasted wholegrain toast bread, peanut butter and jam. Just choose quality ingredients and enjoy! This can be a very good breakfast option as part of your healthy eating habits.

An apple: at the time I am writing this article, I use to start my days eating an apple. I like the simple sweetness and crispiness of the apple, and somehow it prepares me to enjoy the rest of my breakfast. And, as the saying goes: an apple a day …

Wholegrain toast bread: when you choose your toast bread, make sure it’s wholegrain and that the ingredient label don’t include things that you don’t understand.

Peanut butter: also for peanut butter, it’s very important that you read the ingredient label and very simply make sure that the list only includes ONE ingredient, peanuts. You can definitely find 100% peanut butter in organic supermarkets and online. If you are wondering if peanut butter on toast is healthy, then take a look at my article “Is peanut butter on toast healthy? Yes, if you do this“.

Jam: just pick the jam of your taste, making sure one again that the ingredient label does not include ingredients that you don’t understand, and preferable that it includes at least 70% of fruit.

Oat milk: you can of course choose the type of milk you prefer, in this case I went for an oat “milk” which is one of the non-dairy options I prefer. Needless to say that reading the label is super important in this case too. Aim to buy oat milk that only has the smaller list of ingredients, a typical ingredient list would include water, oats, a pinch of salt and sometimes a bit of vegetable oil such as sunflower oil.

Water kefir: this is one of my preferred fermented beverages and I used to drink it with almost all my meals. I prepare my own water kefir, and it’s a great drink to have in the morning, it’s fresh, slightly sweet and sparkling, and it’s so good for your guts. A very healthy alternative to fruit juices. Learn how to make water kefir at home.

Black coffee: I can not properly start my day without a cup of strong black coffee. This time prepared with my Italian moka pot.

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