Easy healthy lunch idea: falafel and yogurt

Looking for healthy lunch ideas? This is a super easy and quick to prepare delicious option for an healthy lunch as part of your healthy eating habits.

Chickpea falafel: you don’t have to prepare falafel yourself starting from chickpeas, many healthy options are available in supermarkets including vegan versions. Just make sure you read the label, if you understand all the ingredients, then you can buy it 🙂 Preparation is super simple, just brown the falafel in a pan for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat!

Yoghurt sauce: I was so lazy today, that I just used a natural yogurt (1.5% fat in this case) and added some chopped parsley in it. Use chives for a tastier version.

Vegetables Sweet & Sour (I’ll publish the recipe as soon as possible, but pickles bought at the supermarket are also fine, as long as the list of ingredients doesn’t contain incomprehensible ingredients…))

Cherry tomatoes

Multiseed bread

Orange juice with a bit of my home-made water kefir in it.

Dark gourmet Chocolate and coffee

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Easy healthy lunch idea: falafel and yogurt. Tasty, simple!