Gourmet chocolate Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% Peru

The cocoa beans for this gourmet chocolate Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% bar come from the jungle in the Amazon region of Peru.

Well hidden in the forest, difficult to access, cacao trees can grow naturally.

The aromas of this cacao are surprisingly floral with notes of citrus and fresh nuts.

This gourmet chocolate bar from will delight anyone who loves floral notes in dark chocolate.

As soon as the chocolate begins to melt on the tongue, notes of lavender quickly arrive, followed by notes of bergamot, which gives way to a hint of honey that provides a lingering sweetness.

All this in a chocolate bar that is made of only two ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar. đŸ¤©

Gold winner of the world International Chocolate Awards in 2019.

If you want to learn how to taste chocolate and uncover all its flavors, explore the Chocolate and Cacao Flavor Profile Map from the international institute of chocolate and cacao tasting.

Dark gourmet chocolate can certainly be part of healthy eating habits.

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Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% chocolate